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Bike Month Remembrance

It's been almost a month since Bike Month wrapped up and our legs are only now recovering!

GGLOers celebrated May with teams competing against each other to see who could peddle to the top of the firm rankings in this year's Bike Month Challenge. We would love to share the numbers with you:

Here is a belated congratulations to the Berserk Hurtin' Hustlers who road a staggering 1,247 miles and 223 total trips!

The rest of the teams were not far behind and put up some equally awesome numbers. Below is a snapshot of how the teams did, how the firm did as a whole and the individuals who stood out from the rest of the pack:

Team Statistics:

  • Berserk Hurtin' Hustlers: 223 total trips, 114 commutes, 1247 miles ridden.
  • Wheelvel Knievels: 195 total trips, 127 commutes, 744 miles ridden.
  • Veloci-cycles: 194 total trips, 127 commutes, 886 miles ridden.
  • The Wheady Milers: 175 total trips, 110 commutes, 949 miles ridden
  • Pancake Promised Peddlers: 125 total trips, 59 commutes, 1031 miles ridden.

Office Statistics:
  • 39 riders
  • 912 trips
  • 4,861 miles ridden
  • 4,278 lbs of CO2 avoided
  • 238,220 calories burned
The top three Riders:
  • Most trips & most miles: Bron H who rode 78 total trips, 34 commutes and an overall distance of 416 miles.
  • 2nd Place: Justin S who rode 77 total trips, with 34 commutes totaling 268 miles ridden.
  • 3rd Place: Ross L road 50 total trips, 34 of which were commutes for a total distance of 155 miles.


Bike Month Challenge Week 2 Winner

Some quick updates to all those waiting with baited breath to know how the GGLO Bike Challenge is going:

  • GGLOers have clocked in a staggering 595 trips as of the latest tallying
  • Those trips total over 3,200 miles ridden as of May 1st!
  • Adding these figures up, GGLO riders have avoided the release of over 2,800 lbs of CO2 into our air.
Beth Dwyer is our winner for the Bike Month Challenge Week #2! We caught up with her and she shared some wise words with us on what it is like biking from West Seattle (spoiler: it involves baby ducklings!)

What type of bike do you ride?
I am in the process of deciding what kind of new bike I want.  I actually have a cool Schwinn cruiser but it’s really heavy to commute with. I was promised  a new road bike for Mother’s Day so for right now I am using my neighbor’s Raleigh. 

How many miles is your daily commute?
It depends on the route,  it can range from 16 miles to 24 miles. Some days I go along Alki and under the West Seattle Bridge. Other days I might go along Fauntleroy and grab the Water Taxi.  I often will do anything to avoid riding up Avalon Way hill (although I have done it nonstop twice this month!!!)

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?
I have only done 3 averaging about 22 miles each trip. This is due to work schedule.

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?
Yes on occasions. I will try and keep it up through the daylight months, however I have no desire to ride next to the 18 wheelers in the dark..  

What is the most interesting thing that you've seen riding your bike in Seattle?
I have shared space with a baby duckling, a few homeless camps, and a group of protesters. I also love the bike trip counter under the WS Bridge– I think it’s cool that I can contribute to  “how many bike trips per year”.  

Have you learned anything from biking to work?
I have learned to appreciate the diversity of my surroundings. I love riding along Me-Kwa-Mooks park and Alki watching the seals in the water. The smell of the beach roses along the path under the West Seattle Bridge is so heavenly.  It completely counter balances the deep bass of the teenagers cars on Alki and the diesel of the 18 wheelers along Alaskan Way as they whip by me.

Have any handy tips for other riders?
Don’t forget to bring your clothes for work. It can be really awkward to attend a meeting in spandex.


The Bike Month Challenge & Our Week 1 Winner!

Biking is, admittedly, a pretty big deal at the GGLO office. Our firm has been an enthusiastic participant in Bike to Work Month (now Bike Month) for many years. We even invested in our own branded bike fleet. Always up for a bit of friendly competition, our staff is currently in the thick of the Bike Month Challenge where participants challenge themselves and others to ride as much as they can in the month of May. 

We... really like bikes (if you couldn't tell)
When May rolls around, the GGLO biking community splits into several different teams who compete with each other to see who can ride the most miles, with the most trips and commutes. Our esteemed teams for Bike Month 2015 are...
  • Veloci-cycles
  • Berserk Hurtin' Hustlers
  • Wheelvel Knievels
  • Pancake Promised Peddlers
  • The Wheady Milers

The competition is in full swing with the teams above all vying for the top spot. Nearly half of our staff is participating in the Bike Month Challenge and as of yesterday our staff has ridden 372 trips totaling 2137 miles. That is equivalent to the release of 1,875 lbs of CO2 into the air avoided (when compared to a traditional car) and is also equivalent to 100,000 calories burned. Way to go guys!

For the remaining weeks of Bike Month we will be shining a spotlight on our office's weekly ride winners as well. Michael Lipko won our first week's prize, and he has shared with us some insight into his riding:

What type of bike do you ride?
2014 Jamis Bosanova touring bike with two wheels.  That’s just how I roll. 

How many miles is your daily commute?
8 miles to the gnat’s rear-end. West Seattle via the Harbor Island Bridge to downtown.  Some days I catch the water taxi back to stop at MARINATION and bask in the beer and view.

How many trips have you made on your bike this month and the distance?
22 trips of which 16 are round trip commutes.  106 miles and counting…..

Did you ride your bike before Bike Month this year, and will you keep it up?
No and yes.  Before my schedule was too early and too late and I do enjoy the bus ride except now it’s getting a bit crowded.  I’m enjoying the freedom of riding in and riding home.  

What is the most interesting thing that you've seen riding your bike in Seattle?
Locks Park in Ballard.  It’s fascinating watching this mechanism raise and lower boats.  I could imagine a car bridge (or bike) lot doing the same thing.   

Have you learned anything from biking to work?
Diesel fumes are abundant along the waterfront.  Also, it takes a bit more time to get ready for the day but you have some exercise already in the books.  

Have any handy tips for other riders?
Donuts + coffee


Earth Day 2015 Announcement

GGLO, Skanska and Miller Hull to Design
Eastern Washington University Sustainability Center
2015-02-09 14.36.33
The Sustainability Center will be the first for a public university to achieve the Living Building Challenge Certification.

In observance of Earth Day, we are excited to announce that GGLO's landscape architecture group will be partnering with Skanska and Miller Hull to design Eastern Washington University's new Sustainability Center, a project that is targeting the newest version of the Living Building Challenge (3.0).

The Sustainability Center will be a focal point of teaching, learning and community engagement on the Eastern Washington University campus. Targeting the built environment's most advanced measure of sustainability, the project will be net-positive for water, energy and waste.

The GGLO team is designing the center's landscapes to act as an incubator for resilient, high-producing sustainable research and practices that can directly teach students and visitors alike. Located on the edge of the Palouse Bioregion, with annual average rainfall of only 19-inches, the Sustainability Center gardens will include agro-ecology, native plant communities and water-wise permaculture strategies including Apple Tree Guilds.

The Sustainability Center will be GGLO's third project targeting Living Building Challenge. GGLO was the landscape architect for the Bertschi School's Living Building Science Wing, certified as the first Living Building on the West Coast, fourth in the world and the first LBC project to achieve v2.0 certification.

With decades of experience researching and applying sustainable design to communities of all scales, GGLO has built a deep understanding of different sustainable design methods and practices. To learn more about GGLO's insight into sustainability, visit our website


Cheryl Chow Court Grand Opening - April 24th

Cheryl Chow Court
We here at GGLO couldn't be more excited for the grand opening of the Low Income Housing Institute's Cheryl Chow Court, set to open April 24th 2015. 

LIHI, who develops, owns and operates housing for the benefit of low-income, homeless and formerly homeless people in Washington State, is set to open their newest home for seniors. From LIHI:

LIHI is delighted to provide affordable senior housing in one of the most attractive, livable, and walk-able neighborhoods in Seattle. Cheryl Chow Court is located down the street from the Ballard Public Library and Ballard Commons, and is close to Swedish Ballard, shopping and many amenities. A Ballard Urban Rest Stop, which will provide free showers, laundry and restrooms to homeless men, women and children, is planned in the retail space on the first floor of the building.

Funding partners for Cheryl Chow Court are: HUD, City of Seattle, Enterprise Community Investment, Banner Bank, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, and Duncan Haas & Birgit Walbaum.

GGLO is the architect and Walsh Construction is the contractor.

"LIHI admires and praises Cheryl Chow for her fearless leadership," said Sharon Lee, Executive Director of LIHI. The late Cheryl Chow was instrumental in the creation of the Urban Rest Stop in downtown Seattle 14 years ago when she was chair of the Seattle City Council's Housing and Human Services Committee. She secured funding for LIHI to purchase the Julie Apartments and to locate the Urban Rest Stop on the first floor. She stood up to NIMBY opposition from a faction of the downtown business community.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have worked on making this project a reality!


Capitol Hill EcoDistrict Recognized for Innovation, Exemplifying Smart Growth

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict was recognized today with the "Excellence in Creating Livable CommunitiesEquity and Environment Award" as part of Futurewise's 25th Annual Spring Luncheon and Livable Communities ceremony. These awards are given to organizations, institutions and communities that use innovative policies and programs to exemplify smart growth and healthy living principles in their communities.

Congratulations to Capitol Hill Housing, whose spearheading of this community-driven program has renewed passion for sustainability at the neighborhood scale.

GGLO worked with Capitol Hill Housing to lay the framework for the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, which includes an inventory of neighborhood assets and recommendations for action. For an in-depth look into the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict, as well as a link to download the full report, head over to our insight page


GGLO Named LEED® Proven Provider™ by Green Building Certification Institute


We are very excited to announce that GGLO has been recognized as a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the Building Design and Construction rating system family by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). GGLO’s design teams are not only skilled at integrating sustainability into designs, our architects, landscape architects, urban and interior designers are experienced with leading the certification efforts to streamline the process. 

Quality is at the core of the LEED certification process, and GGLO has exhibited expertise in helping to bring healthy, high-performing buildings to the market,” said Doug Gatlin, vice president of program delivery, USGBC and GBCI. “The LEED Proven Provider model represents a great partnership between GGLO and GBCI, because it allows GBCI to maintain a rigorous certification program and gives GGLO the opportunity to deliver LEED projects to its clients faster.”

GGLO's rapidly growing list of LEED projects has resulted in over 2,400 LEED certified housing units and over 3,000,000 GSF of LEED certified space.

Member since 2001


2015 Promotions

GGLO is excited to announce the promotion of eight employees in 2015. Each of the team members below has made significant contributions to the success of the firm. GGLO's expanding leadership signifies the firm's growth, evolution and enhanced capacity to positively shape the communities in which we work and live.

David Winans  AIA, LEED® AP BD+C, Homes
Senior Associate

David joined GGLO in 2004 after practicing for many years in Texas on institutional, corporate office and retail projects. At GGLO, David has managed and provided technical leadership on numerous multifamily and mixed-use projects, his most recent being the new Woodway Town Hall. David helped to create GGLO’s Practice Roundtable for Project Managers and Technical Staff.

As a LEED Accredited Professional (BD+C and Homes), David has led the majority of his projects to LEED certification and serves as a technical resource for LEED certification to other project teams in the office. David’s projects include Hjarta, AVA Queen Anne, AVA University District and Avalon Newcastle.

Kevin Reed  AIA, NCARB, LEED® AP+C
Senior Associate

With a personal goal of finding a way for people of all means to have access to quality homes, Kevin’s career has largely focused on designing affordable, quality and sustainable housing. His design experience is rounded out by a broad range of project types including high-rise multifamily, hospitality and mixed-income neighborhood redevelopment. On all of these projects, Kevin has developed and applied an expertise is 

Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Kevin’s in-depth knowledge of BIM technology and its application to design and building construction processes has been applied on many of Kevin’s recent projects such as Alley 111, Providence Joseph House and Seattle Civic Square. 

Tiina Ritval  LEED® AP BD+C

Since 2006, Tiina has utilized her expansive understanding of construction technology and  complex design to help create numerous transformative projects at GGLO. She has exercised her design muscles in projects ranging from downtown towers to single tenant spaces and a whole lot in between. Coupled with her passion for analysis and density, Tiina has devoted her design expertise in helping GGLO shape communities that both thrive and bring people together.

One of Tiina’s most recent projects, the commercial remodel of the popular Urban Animal veterinary practice on Capitol Hill, resulted in a highly functional clinic that was representative of both Urban Animal’s essence and the neighborhood’s aesthetic.

Jen Lien  AIA, NCARB LEED® Green Associate

Jen Lien brings 17 years of experience, ranging from urban housing to public transit, along with her interests in art, culture and community to each of her projects. Within GGLO, Jen engages junior staff through the firm’s mentorship program,  demonstrating  and modeling coordination of design and project management with the goal of creating efficient, lasting and beautiful projects.

Since joining GGLO in 2011, Jen has acted as lead architect for a number of GGLO’s current projects such as the Trinsic West Seattle development.  She has also contributed her technical skills to projects including the Spring District in Bellevue and Seattle Housing Authority’s Yesler Terrace. She is currently managing the design team for Seattle Civic Square, a 43-story mixed-use tower in the heart of downtown Seattle.  

Michael Lipko  ASLA

Since arriving at GGLO from his native New Jersey in 2013, Michael has immersed himself in the local landscape so he could better understand how history, people, ecology and climate interact to shape the places we call home. Growing up in a traditionally designed NJ neighborhood, Michael learned early on that walkable and bikeable communities with tree lined streets and open spaces encourage people to engage and connect with their community.

Michael is inspired by local food, ecology, native plant communities, watersheds, post-industrial landscapes and civic art. All of these typologies form the lens through which he practices collaborative design with his clients and allied professionals. Michael is the Project Landscape Architect for GGLO’s collaborative design of Avalon Newcastle, a 21st century town square community. 

Christine Harrington  ASLA, LEED® AP BD+C

Christine has served as project manager and lead landscape architect on numerous projects since joining GGLO in 2012. Christine applies her strong repertoire of skills and knowledge to designing parks, civic spaces, educational campuses, urban infill projects and spaces that feature public art.

With extensive experience in the public design process, Christine works among multi-cultural and multi-generational groups to build consensus around design. Christine is currently working on 624 Yale, a mixed-use project in South Lake Union; Seattle Civic Square, a high-rise, mixed-use project in downtown Seattle and Boise Civic Square in Boise, Idaho. Christine brings a high attention to detail, both in the office and out, serving her community through her seat on Seattle’s West Design Review Board overseeing South Lake Union, Queen Anne and Magnolia.

Blake Williams  AIA, NCARB LEED® Green Associate

Blake joined GGLO in 2013 bringing with him his passion for placemaking in architectural design. Blake’s previous work in the design field ranges from writer and university-level educator to design-lead and collaborator on higher education projects. Early in his career Blake honed his design skills on projects such as the Washington State Convention Center.

Blake has applied his knowledge and skill to several notable projects at GGLO including Trinsic West Seattle and Avalon Newcastle. With a sensitivity to global cultures and a strong commitment to sustainability, Blake brings innovative ideas to GGLO with a focus on the client, the project setting and the experience of the end-user.

Tina Suh  LEED® Green Associate
Marketing Manager

Tina’s experience in design is extensive, ranging from print advertising and publication layout to event promotion and direct marketing. She continues to define clear design solutions in every project she undertakes.

Exposures to various cultures and experiences around the world have given Tina a greater understanding of different communication styles. She is passionate about collaborating with a team and understands the power of versatility in successful communication. With Tina, recognizing and creatively utilizing numerous communication styles allows for maximum efficiency in her work and interactions.


Happy Holidays From GGLO

Wishing You and Yours,
Happy Holidays and a Splendid New Years

Warm up by the fire, get cozy and take in GGLO's 2014 in review

The GGLO Jinglers took 2nd place in the Figlanthropy category at this year's Figgy Pudding caroling competition to benefit Pike Place Market Senior Center.

2014 was a year of many 'firsts' for GGLO. Alicia Daniels Uhlig become GGLO's first LEED Fellow, hot on the heels of GGLO winning "Best Residential Firm - Large" in USGBC's Best of Building Awards. GGLO's first ever community center, the Bay Terrace Community & Education Center was certified LEED® Gold earlier this year.

In the office or on the streets of Seattle, GGLOers gathered together to stay active in 2014. Our Landscape Team led the GGLO PARK(ing) DAY installation, turning a parking spot outside of the Seattle Art Museum into a place where the public could interact and relax. Our passion for getting together and staying active is also reflected in the way we design our projects; Greenbridge was a winner in The Center for Active Design's first-ever Excellence in Active Design Awards.


GGLO welcomed 19 talented individuals to our ranks this year. We would also like to congratulate the 20 newly LEED accredited GGLO professionals that have shown much dedication in growing their own
sustainable and technical knowledge in 2014. We're looking for more great people to join our team.

Give 3

GGLO has a long history of supporting non-profit groups that share the firm's core values of community and environmental stewardship. Here you can find a list of local and regional non-profit groups to consider for your corporate and personal giving this holiday season.

GoodLuckAs many of you know, in 2014 we say farewell to both Founding Principal Bill Gaylord and Principal Carol Schaefer. Building on more than 30 years spent designing places that transform the communities we live in, Bill is pursuing his expansive interest in art, culture and celebration of community through his own company, BONFIRE. Carol, whose 27-year tenure at GGLO has shaped our robust Interior Design practice and our multidisciplinary design firm as a whole, plans to build a house and spend quality time on the Olympic Peninsula.


Semiahmoo Resort Wins Big at IIDANP Awards Ceremony

Pierside Kitchen                                                               © Jeff Caven

On Monday night at Benaroya Hall GGLO's Pamela Trevithick accepted the Design INhospitality award for Pierside Kitchen and Packers Oyster Bar at Semiahmoo Resort from the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter while the team and the audience celebrated. 

The Design IN Hospitality award recognizes the best interior design in hotel, resort, restaurant, spa and retail projects in the Northwest region. GGLO was complimented for delivering a tightly implemented, historic atmosphere that "...sets the stage and anchors everything else within." (Juror Annie Chu of CHU+GOODING Architects)

The juror's also made mention of the bar and kitchen's dynamic range of material finishes and furniture. Ms. Chu pointed out that the furniture choices played a great role in creating an effective way to carve out spaces for variety in both settings. Paul Mellblom of MSR also remarked on the diversity and scale of furniture and made mention that, "...there is this kind of consistency that isn't about matching, but about being appropriate and comfortable throughout the scope of the project."

To see the awards ceremony in its entirety, you can check out IIDA's livestream here. GGLO's portion begins at 51:45.

This award follows Via6's win last year at INawards13. Via6 brought home the Design INhome award for best residential interior design in 2013.


Alicia Daniels Uhlig - 2014 LEED Fellow

R_100331_N16764_webview 2

GGLO is proud to announce that architect Alicia Daniels Uhlig, Principal and Director of Sustainability, has been named a 2014 LEED Fellow by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This designation honors professionals for their exceptional contributions to the green building community and recognizes significant achievements among LEED Professionals.

To earn this designation, LEED Fellows are nominated by their peers, undergo an extensive portfolio review, must have at least 10 years of experience in the green building industry and hold a LEED Accredited Professional with specialty credential for eight or more years. The elite 2014 class of LEED Fellows will be recognized at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in New Orleans, October 22nd-24th.

Congratulations to Alicia and the LEED Fellow Class of 2014!

LEED® Fellow™ and the LEED Fellow logos are trademarks owned by the US Green Building Council® and are used with permission.


GGLO wins "Best Residential Firm - Large" in USGBC's Best of Building Awards

GGLO LEED Certified Projects
We are excited to announce that GGLO is this year's winner of the "Best Residential Design Firm - Large" award as part of the US Green Building Council's first annual Best of Building Awards.

The Best of Building Awards celebrate the year's best green products, projects, organizations and individuals making impact in green building.

Nominees and winners are selected exclusively by the members of USGBC, a vibrant and diverse community of the world's leading organizations invested in sustainability.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with likeminded clients who share our core values of community and environmental stewardship. For a detailed look into GGLO's LEED® certified projects, click here.